5 Problems You’ll Face Your First Week

If you're an incoming freshmen, this article will help you navigate your first day of high school.


The first day of high school can be equal parts exciting and terrifying. New classmates, new courses, new teachers, and new expectations can all be points of anxiety for you moving from middle to high school. But don’t worry. Once you know what high school is like, it will be easier for you to overcome this transition period successfully. Here are 5 problems you’ll face your first week of high school.

1.Waking up late

Summer break is over and now it’s time to wake up early! First, pack your backpack the night before. This will reduce your preparation time in the morning. Second, find how to get to school the night before using Google maps; Google maps measures how long it will take to your school and it even shows bus schedules if you don’t have a school bus to catch. Third, in case you don’t have time to eat breakfast, prepare some food that you can bring with you such as an energy bar and fruit.

2. Getting lost on the way to class

Even if you arrived at the school on time using Google maps, you still might not know where your classes are. In this case, don’t be afraid to ask other people around you. Find a student who looks like an upperclassman, and ask them where the classroom you are looking for is after introducing yourself as a freshman. Most of the upperclassmen think of themselves wandering around trying to find their classes when they were freshmen, so they will be much nicer than you expect.

3.You didn’t bring the right supplies to class.

If you forget to bring your pencil case and notebooks, you won’t be able to do much during school hours. But even if you do, try not to worry and ask a classmate if you can borrow a pencil and some paper. If they have extra, they will gladly share with you. Even though you cannot borrow supplies, you can still stay engaged in class. Ask your classmates if they will share their notes with you and then come prepared the next day!

4.You don’t know who to sit with at lunch

Maybe you have a friend from middle school who also came to your high school, so you were thinking about having lunch with him or her. However, unexpectedly you don’t have the same lunch period, so you can eat alone or you can go up to some students who are having lunch in a small group and ask if they want to have lunch together. Most students are new like you, so you don’t need to worry about being rejected by your peers. You might find your best friends among them.

5.New and difficult subjects

You may get nervous when you encounter new subjects that you didn’t deal with in middle school. This can make classes difficult to follow, but try to remember that everyone is in the same situation. As long as you have confidence and a proactive attitude for your classes, you can overcome new and difficult subjects in high school. Being nervous is ok, but the most important thing is to not be intimidated. This is just the start of high school. Have confidence and positive mind! Besides, you can always ask for help when you need it.