Get Schooled Campaigns For August

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     College Dollars Scholarship Tool

My College Dollars

Be sure to visit our College Dollars Scholarship Tool! You will have access to thousands of scholarships that you can apply for! Don’t miss out on the great opportunity!

       What School Supplies Do You Need?

What School Supplies Do You Need?

It takes a lot to get your classroom ready and to make sure your students have the right resources. Colored pencils, scratch-n-sniff markers, giant erasers, glitter glue! The list goes on and on! Be sure to check out our discussion board and list the items that your classes need.

We'll have a Back To School- School Supplies giveaway on our Facebook page soon! Don't miss out!

       Back to School Campaign

Back to School Campaigns

Want to raise money for your school? Easy fix! Participate in a Get Schooled challenge for a chance to earn points and win money. Become a student ambassador and help encourage your fellow classmates to complete online activities and continuously stay active on the site to earn the #1 spot!