Chainsmokers Crash Webster High School's Senior Day

Chainsmokers and Get Schooled celebrate the Webster High School class of 2017 for incredible improvement in graduation rates! 

The Chainsmokers and Get Schooled teamed up to recognize Webster High School for its incredible growth in graduation rates and college going rates. Webster’s graduation rate has risen from 53.3 percent to 75.5 percent since 2013 and the Class of 2017 has posted a 33% increase in the college going rate.

Webster High School is part of the Get Schooled Graduation Challenge – which encourages seniors to not give up until they cross the stage with a diploma in hand.

It seemed like it was going to be just a standard Senior Assembly when the Tulsa Superintendent started singing “Closer.” That was the cue for Drew and Alex, otherwise known as the Chainsmokers, to make their appearance. Through the screams of excitement, Drew and Alex congratulated the Class of 2017 for their accomplishments and encouraged them to continue to exceed other people’s expectations for them. The students also had a surprise of their own for the Chainsmokers as they serenaded Alex for his birthday. 

To top off the day, Drew and Alex gave every senior a ticket to that night’s concert in Tulsa.

Get Schooled loves to recognizes schools and students that beat the odds – and Webster High School has definitely done that. Congratulations to the class of 2017!