Financial Resources - East


Residents of East Dallas can take advantage of great financial literacy resources to help begin the process of escaping poverty and building wealth. 

Foundation Communities
We are a national leader in providing innovative financial stability programs. At our two Community Financial Centers, we provide comprehensive financial programs to anyone who makes less than $55,000 per year. Our services include free tax preparation, health insurance enrollment, college support services, financial coaching, money management, and special savings programs.

Over the past year, our talented staff and dedicated volunteers have:

  • Prepared 20,000+ tax returns resulting in $34 million in refunds for the local economy
  • Enrolled 5,000+ individuals in health insurance
  • Helped 1,000+ students apply for financial aid assistance and scholarships
  • Provided financial coaching to 600+ clients, 80% of whom felt more in control of their finances after coaching

Learn more about the financial stability training available by visiting the Foundation Communities website. 

Wilkinson Center
Wilkinson Center is a dynamic service provider for families struggling to escape poverty, providing services throughout nine zip codes in East and Southeast Dallas. Wilkinson Center utilizes a holistic approach to poverty intervention. Our vision is to eliminate generational poverty by addressing clients’ most significant issues: basic human necessities (food and shelter), education and employment.

You can learn more about the Wilkinson Center and the resources they offer by visiting their website.