Financial Resources - West


West Dallas has many resources to help residents with financial literacy, credit counseling, banking information, small business support and more. Check these resource to help you improve your financial literacy. 

Wilkinson Center
Wilkinson Center is a dynamic service provider for families struggling to escape poverty, providing services throughout nine zip codes in East and Southeast Dallas. Wilkinson Center utilizes a holistic approach to poverty intervention. Our vision is to eliminate generational poverty by addressing clients’ most significant issues: basic human necessities (food and shelter), education and employment.

You can learn more about the Wilkinson Center and the resources they offer by visiting their website. 

Transformance provides in-depth financial education tools and resources such as games, events, and webinars to assist you with all of the factors that affect your financial wellness. Topics of focus include:

  • Credit
  • Family and life events
  • Housing
  • Money
  • Financial literacy

Transformance seeks to be the ultimate financial hub for residents of Dallas. Visit the Transformance website for more information. 

WiNGS gives you the knowledge and financial tools you need to create your path to a better life. Their core purpose is to provide women and their families a path to a better life.

Financial Empowerment is the only asset-building program in Dallas County that provides a full menu of financial education programming at no cost, including financial training, matched savings, one-on-one financial coaching, banking products, benefit screenings and budgeting tools used to increase long-term financial stability.

Explore the many services offered at WiNGS when you visit their website. 

Sometimes you have to forge your own path and entrepreneurship is a great way to pursue your dreams! Although it is not ideal for everyone, LiftFund has resources to help you get your small business off the ground. For over twenty years LiftFund has provided millions of dollars in microloans and other small business loans to deserving entrepreneurs. Some of the resources LiftFund provides are:

  • Financial, Management Planning and Budgeting
  • Business and Strategic Planning
  • Marketing and Sales Planning
  • Legal Structure, Start-Up and Growth Planning
  • Perfecting Your Pricing & Cost
  • Credit Report Review and Planning

Learn more about the resources available on the LiftFund website