What Is the College Dollars Badge?

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The Get Schooled College Dollars badge is a collection of tools and resources that demonstrate that going to and paying for college is possible, not matter your background, while also introducing them to the amazing tools and support available through the Get Schooled community. The College Dollars badge consists of the following pieces of content and should take no more than 10-15 minutes to complete:

Explore the SAT and ACT Question of the Day – We know that while most high school students never actually prepare for these exams and therefore most don't feel like their scores accurately reflect their abilities. That's why Get Schooled posts a "Question of the Day" so that students can take a practice SAT or ACT question to increase their familiarity with the test. These questions increase students' familiarity with the questions on the test. This article will expose students to the Question of the Day and link to a few for them to practice.

Learn more about the Top College Textline Question and Answers! Every year, tens of thousands of young people text us their questions about college applications and financial aid. Curious what students are asking us (and our answers). This page lists the top ten questions (which could be some of yours!).

Check out the Free College Tuition Finder – There are many private, non-profit colleges that offer free tuition for students from lower income families. This tool give students an easy way to discover colleges that they may have the opportunity to attend at no cost.

Explore Our State Grants to Pay for College Tool - Almost every state has at least one grant or scholarship available to residents, though many of them are dependent on income and/or GPA. Best to know what is available to help you pay for college so you can plan accordingly!

Learn Three Tips to Improve Your College Essay– A compelling personal statement is an important avenue for students to share their background and insight to a college admissions officer. We know that oftentimes students struggle with the personal statement. This article gives students tips on how to craft a personal statement and [bonus] students who try to apply those tips effectively will be automatically entered into a contest for a $1,000 scholarship from Get Schooled!

Answer "What Do You Need from Your College Counselor" - School counselors pay a critical role in guiding young people through high school and helping them on their path to college, career or the military. This survey asks students questions about where they are on that path, the obstacles and when and how their counselor might be able to help them. Note: aggregate data from this survey will be sent back to participating schools (no personally identifiable information will be shared).

Find Out about the FSA ID - The FSA ID was introduced last year and proved confusing to many students and parents.  No fear, Get Schooled has the information to help students and their parents create an FSA ID.  And of course students and parents can text Get Schooled at 335577 if they run into any problems (e.g. their parents don't have a social security number, are undocumented,etc.)!

Check Out Our Review of Scholarship Search Tools - There are all kinds of scholarship search tools out there, but not all of them offer relevant, up to date information.  This article will give students a list of scholarship search tools and the advantages and disadvantages of each.