Graduate for Más Student Ambassador Program

Everything you need to know about the Student Ambassador Program for the Graduate for Más Challenge!<br>


The Graduate for Más Student Ambassador program is an important part of the Graduate for Más Challenge. It is designed to help your school build and sustain momentum in the Challenge while providing leadership opportunities for students to work together and increase high school graduation rates and build a college going culture. Below is everything you need to know about the Student Ambassador Program.

What Will Graduate for Más Student Ambassadors Get?

  • An official Graduate for Más student ambassador t-shirt
  • Leadership training, 1:1 support, and ideas for how to get their school involved
  • A ambassador kit to get them started and lead their school to success
  • Opportunity to win exclusive rewards and prizes
  • Experience Get Schooled features on IG,FB, or Twitter
  • Develop five key skills including leadership, goal setting, teamwork, public speaking, and service

What Will Graduate for Más Student Ambassadors Do?

  • Remember, 1 point = $1; set fundraising goals and deadlines
  • Creatively promote the Challenge at their school by using their resources: social media, teachers, loud speaker announcements, assemblies, computer lab, and more
  • Inspire their classmates and friends to get involved and empower their school to work together
  • Communicate the steps in earning points: login/create a Graduate for Más account, complete the Graduate for Más badge, stay active Graduate for Más and earn as many points as they can
  • Check the leader board daily to track how many points your school has earned

Ready to Get Started? It's Easy!

  • Select students and create a committee of up to five Student Ambassadors
  • Register your students here to become student ambassadors and order their free t-shirts 
  • Once they have been registered, we'll get in contact with them to give them the tools to get started
  • You'll also receive more information on how to actively support these students