Choosing A California College

For California students choosing to attend a college or university in California, the options are endless! 


Know your options

Here's a map of all California State University and University of California campuses!

  • Next, Check out which provides students with an all-inclusive guide for their college & career paths & enables educators to track their progress.
  • Visit campuses in person if possible! Text "College" to 33-55-77 to get help scheduling a campus tour!

Know your application deadlines!

  • California State University (CSU) schools  -  November 30
  • University of California (UC) schools - November 30
  • FAFSA/CA Dream Act  deadline is March 2. Check out what tax return information you'll need from your parent(s) or guardian(s) to complete the forms, or text "College" to 33-55-77 to get free assistance with your entire FAFSA from our counselors at Get Schooled!

Start your applications! Ask us for help if you need it!

  • Work with your counselor to fill out your applications
  • The University of California application requires you to complete 4 of 8 personal insight questions, so you want to get an early start!
  • If you need help with essays or application questions, take advantage of our FREE essay editing service
  • Attend a workshop, like Cash 4 College, at your school or other community/outreach organizations

Seek guidance or support when needed

  • Your college counselor is a great resource ... check in frequently.
  • Your teachers went to college ... ask them to read personal statements.
  • Ask older siblings, cousins and friends about their experiences.
  • And as always text "College" to  33-55-77 to get free 1 on 1 help from our college counselors whenever you need it.