5 Ways to Support LGBTQ Friends During Pride Month

It's Pride Month and here's how you can celebrate!


1. Learn Your History:

It’s important to know the origin story of how things came to be. The formation of LGBT Pride Month is no exception. Pride is a worldwide celebration that encourages people to be proud of sexual diversity and gender nonconformity.

The beginnings of today’s Pride celebrations are the result of The Stonewall Riots, which sparked the modern LGBT rights movement. One year later marches were held in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco and have continued in multiple cities around the world.

In 2000 President Bill Clinton became the first president to declare June “Gay & Lesbian Pride Month.” President Barack Obama followed suit, declaring June “LGBT Pride Month” each year he has been in office.

2. Support LGBTQ Youth Centers:

Many LGBTQ Youth Centers act as a safe haven for struggling and homeless lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender teens. CenterLink is an organization that serves over 200 LGBT community centers across the country in 45 states, and in other countries like Mexico and Canada. So you can go and find your local center and volunteer!

3. Support LGBTQ Artists:

In a time of flourishing creativity, there are so many great LGBT artists. From music to poetry to visual art, young artists like Troye Sivan, MNEK, Tegan and Sara, and Rowan Blanchard have been killing it with great content and new music that you can rock out to all of Pride Month.

4. Attend Local Pride Event:

Of course one of the main ways to support your friends this June is to enjoy a pride event in your city. You can fly a rainbow flag or the sidelines, work a table at a local Pride event, or even march in a local Pride parade. You can look up all the events of Pride here.

5. Listen to Your LGBTQ Friends and Support What Issues are Important to Them:

Finally the best way to support your lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender friends is to stand up for issues that affect them and their community.