Jasmin P.

“Being a Hispanic means that I am full of culture and traditions that are unique only to a certain group of people. This includes the values of family, which is something that is expressed at the dinner table and family reunions.”<br><br>

Even though it was not my community one of the most rewarding experiences I have had is working with Fundacion Cristal, this is a school that teaches special ed and students in extreme poverty. What I did for them was help build a space in their school that would bring them together as a community. For this, my group and I decided to do a garden, a mural, and build some soccer nets. When our project was complete the kids came to see what had been done in just three days. They were so amazed by how their remodeled school looked. This not only brought the community of Fundacion Cristal together, but it made the students feel truly comfortable in the environment that in a way it helped them in their education.”

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Jasmin talks importance of reading tutors

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