Jairo D.

A good leader has the ability to decipher a problem then move forward with steps to resolve it. I also admire the honesty and commitment that a leader possesses."

Growing up as a Hispanic teenager in a neighborhood where gang activity and drugs are constant realities made me realize that I didn't want to be noticed as the typical Hispanic who grows up to be involved with the street life. My friends from my neighborhood never saw school as a good use of their time. Instead, they wanted to live the "easy life" where they just deal, steal, and even kill. Hearing numerous amounts of stereotypes against Hispanics made me want to make a difference in my life by pursuing my educational path.”

Vlog 3: Jairo helps students adjust to college

Jairo helps students adjust

Vlog 2: Sports and education go hand-in-hand

Sports and Education go together

Vlog 1: College was always in Jairo's future