Eduardo P.

“Many Latinos face great adversity in the United States such as racism, low wages and poor jobs. Being Hispanic means working past those challenges and never losing any motivation to succeed.”<br><br>

For a large portion of my life, I felt very insecure about my nationality. It was not until studying the Civil Rights Era in an American History course in middle school that I felt very fascinated by Latino activists. I felt very inspired by activists such as labor leader Cesar Chavez and social justice groups such as the Young Lords Organization. To me, being Hispanic means working hard and recovering from challenges.

Unfortunately, my city is notorious for its violence and poverty. Many people in Oakland, California are victims of oppression, such as police brutality and unequal access to healthcare. Personally, I've experienced violence and witnessed excessive trauma in my neighborhood. After working with local non-profit organizations, I recognize that my community is in need of violence prevention resources…. With Youth Brigade, I have volunteered and planned multiple events in the community such as peaceful protests against police cruelty and block parties.

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