​Perla and Dilenny Clean Up

Meet the two friends who started Project Clean Start.


Perla and Dilenny are two amazing friends who are already taking steps towards changing the world. When Perla moved to New York City she quickly became close friends with Dilenny.

 They saw there was a need for people to have access to clean clothes and together worked to create Project Clean Start. This project served to provide money and basic needs for people to wash their clothes. 

The dynamic duo created a GoFundMe account, told their whole school about what they were doing during an assembly, and even talked to people in Times Square to help raise money. They were able to obtain $3,000, so they put it on a debit card and went to a laundry mat in Harlem. They made announcements that they would pay for people to use the washer and dryers on a specific day. People interested just had to tell the laundry mat that they were with Project Clean Start and Perla and Dilenny provided the funds. They are currently planning to do this again during the summer at two locations.