Aldeberto Wants To Be Judged By His Own Merits

The 100K Opportunities job fair was a chance for him to be seen as an individual with his own merit.


At first glance, Adalberto Aispuro looks like a typical job applicant. His black tailored suit, shined dress shoes, and tapered haircut are the image of professionalism. When you see him, you see someone who is ready for the job force. But it is his journey to this moment that truly makes him stand out.

“The hardest part of looking for a job is actually looking for a job,” he tells us during a break between interviews. “So many jobs go off appearance and some people don’t have suits or good looking clothes to wear to the job. You get judged by the way you approach them and the way you use your words.”

Being unfairly judged is something he knows about firsthand. For Adalberto, being in foster care meant constantly being viewed through the lens of someone else’s mistake. The 100K Opportunities job fair was a chance for him to be seen as an individual with his own merit.

“I was in the IFoster program and they brought me here today. They called me one night and told me I was selected for a program that would help with getting jobs and interviews and whatever essentials I needed.”

One of those essentials was the proper wardrobe for interviewing. Having the right look gave Adelberto a new level of confidence. “With this program I learned that there is hope for you,” he said. “I feel it’s going to help me out personally. To know I’m more than what I think I am. I’m more than that what meets the eye.”

The additional help is a welcome change to what he experienced a few years ago when he first transitioned out of foster care. Back then, he was forced to figure things out on his own. He finished high school and found a job, but lacked the resources needed to remain successful in that job.

“I’m happy I found this program because I met a lot of people who are more informed about the resources available,” he said. “Just because you get denied or mistreated by one person doesn’t mean everyone is going to be like that. Whatever you feel you can achieve, you can. You can do anything.”