Turn Social Media Into A Hobby

You heard us right!

The endless selfies on Instagram, short lip-syncing videos on Snapchat, and witty clap backs on Twitter aren’t the only things you can do on social media. Turn your love for social media into hobbies.

Instagram Photographer

If you’re an avid Instagram user, take your love of pictures to the next level. Learn the basics of photography without a fancy camera. Start taking pictures on your phone of landscapes, people, and objects. Understand the rule of thirds, figure out the best lighting, and use filters if necessary. There is a difference between a quick shot and a shot with thought. Once you’ve crafted the best picture, showcase your work on Instagram. There is a whole community of photographers excited to see your work.

Snapchat Chef

Ten seconds is short, but it’s the perfect amount of time to capture something fun, like cooking! If you love to cook or bake, share your recipes with each 10 seconds. Show your viewers the pouring of the batter or adding salt. By the time you complete your recipe, they may want to try it out themselves.

Twitter Philosopher

With 140 characters to a tweet, you have all the power to be expressive in a short message. Turn your 140 characters into something positive, by being a quote master. Find quotes filled with knowledge to drop, powerful words of encouragement to spread, or anything positive to share with your followers. Your tweets may be the most uplifting part of someone’s day.

YouTube Educator

YouTube is filled with people who create tutorials. Why not join them? The site thrives on users sharing their knowledge and experiences. Do you have a love for make-up or dance? Show off your skills and help others learn it step-by-step. Do you feel like high school students need advice? Share your thoughts and open up your video for conversation in the comments. The possibilities are endless.

Tumblr Fanfiction Author

Tumblr is filled with memes, funny reblogged comments, and television/movie/book fans. These fans create a community where they can express their love for their favorite fictional world. Use what you’re a fan of and start writing fan fiction. Create stories that you believe the writers forgot to write; dive into a new storyline; or make a whole new life for your favorite characters. Share your stories on Tumblr with those in your particular fandom. They are your target audience and they will give you the best praises or critiques.