What is National Underdog Day?

Find out a little more about one of the most underappreciated holidays around.


National Underdog day was established in 1976 to celebrate the unlikely and unsung heroes of literature, movies, sports, and life! This is a day to recognize those who beat the odds or formed a critical piece to the success of others but never get credit.

Some say the word underdog comes from the losing dog in a fight. Others say it comes from the shipbuilding days. The planks of woods used to make ships were called “dogs”. When they put ships together, one man would supervise from above while another, the underdog would stand below in the dark, cutting and fitting the boards.

The man on top would get credit while the “underdog” would be covered in dirt and doing most of the work.

We all know stories of the underdog who came out on top. There are tons of examples from everyday heroes to Facebook creator, Mark Zuckerberg, to one-time Youtube sensation Justin Bieber. These stories fascinate us and make us think about the day we make it big too.