Why Companies Need You

Staying relevant is a challenge for any company. It’s easy for higher-ups to lose touch with what customers want. Employing hungry young employees with a wide variety of perspectives and experiences is key.

Young blood keeps companies on top

“Our brand identity is young and edgy,” Onyett said of Taco Bell. “These new hires from the 100,000 Opportunities Initiative bring that to life with real authenticity. Their youthful mindset brings us a unique way of looking at the business.”

Having a young, diverse workforce is also great for business.

“We want our employees to represent the community we serve,” Porter said. “We’ve been really excited by this opportunity to connect with a new, untapped pipeline of talent that will help our business grow.”

Passion is contagious

The 100,000 Opportunities Initiative kickoff in Chicago proved that when opportunity youth are given opportunities, they bring an incredible amount of passion and ambition.

Porter witnessed firsthand the energizing power of these young job seekers.

“I was really inspired by their energy and enthusiasm and their commitment to being a part of something,” she said. “They want to work hard. They want to start and grow a career. There was an eagerness about them that is contagious.”

Onyett, who also spoke with candidates, echoed that sentiment.

“These youth made me remember what it was like to get my first job, gain new skills, and the excitement of starting a career,” she said. “The job fair brought out the best of our next generation of leaders.”

Loyal customers make the best employees

The best employees are the ones who are passionate about the brand and product they’re working with. So it makes sense that hiring the people who eat at Taco Bell are the most knowledgeable and enthusiastic.

“We want to hire people who love our food,” says Onyett. “We met tons of youth through this initiative who told us how much they love our Doritos Locos tacos, for instance. That passion for the food shines through on the job.”