How Good Is Your Test Prep Timeline?

Are you ready?


Taking tests is probably one of the most critical components of your class grade. Test are like marathons and you can’t just study for them in one day. We got you covered for your test taking timeline.

Bet you didn’t know your test preparation timeline starts on the first day of the class. First things first, you need to make it to class everyday.

Now that you’re in your class flow be ready to –

  • Listen
  • Write some good notes
  • Befriend smart classmates
  • Complete those homework assignments
  • Turn up the focus for mid-term and final exams

Take advantage of review sessions. It’s like they’re giving you some free money.

Ask your teacher and TAs what will be on the test and help on what you don’t know.

Turn up your exam studying – Notes, homework problems, sample questions, note cards, study with the squad

Study on the weekends. Yeah it’s brutal but this is how you get ahead.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Rest up before a test. Your brain functions better with more hours of sleep. If you can’t, it’s all good but just give it a try.