Sign Up For The Graduate for Más Challenge


What is the Graduate for Más Challenge?

Get Schooled and the Taco Bell Foundation have created the Graduate for Más Challenge, designed to support and inspire students throughout their high school careers. By participating in the Challenge students will be encouraged to find their passion through a series of engaging content on our platform. Students earn points for their school as they complete a series of activities that will help them successfully navigate high school and plan for their future. 

Since 2013, the Graduate For Más Challenge has made a difference in thousands of students lives. In a recent survey of Graduate For Más participants, students said that being active in Graduate For Más has:

  • Helped them understand goal setting is important (88%).
  • Encouraged them to make college a goal (88%).
  • Given them confidence in what their future could be (84%)

Each and every school that signs up for the Challenge can earn up to a $3,000 grant to use at their discretion. Each point earned equals $1 for your school. There is a minimum of 300 points required in order to cash out! Earn the maximum 1,000 points and receive $3,000!

Students earn points on the Graduate for Más leaderboard by completing the Graduate for Más badge and exploring additional resources on the site. In addition to their earned points counting toward the school’s cumulative point total, students can cash in their points for exclusive rewards in our Rewards Store. 

We encourage you to select a group of student leaders, set a fundraising goal, and encourage your students to help figure out what to spend it on. New computers? An all-school celebration? Sports equipment? You earn the money, you decide!

Note: There is a rolling admissions process for the Challenge beginning October 1st. 

If you are interested, apply!  Space is limited!!