It's Fashion Week At High School Of Fashion Industries

Congratulations to the students at The High School of Fashion Industries for winning the first round in the Capital One Bank- Get Schooled challenge. Special thanks to student ambassadors and members of student government for all their help in running the Get Schooled campaign, as well as the youth leaders for helping gather all the college application information needed to win the challenge.


What happens when 1,800 fashionistas flood the auditorium of the High School of Fashion Industries to celebrate their first-place win in round one of The Capital One Bank New York City College Challenge? A fierce fashion show, of course!

Five students were selected to show a signature look from their collection on the runway to be judged by blogger, Kristina Bazan, and model Lucky Blue who is signed to Next Model Management.

Both judges offered helpful suggestions while serving up industry insiders’ advice for each of the designers.

“Talent is important but most of success is due to hard work,” said Bazan. “It’s important to keep your integrity, learn to say no to things that aren’t right.”

It turns out being flexible is also a handy skill in the fashion world. Teen model Lucky Blue illustrated this point with a funny story involving ripped pants and chaos on the runway.

“People put in a lot of work – crazy things happen before you go out,” he joked. “Duct tape comes handy!”

To the surprise of the students and staff, we had one more surprise up our sleeves! MTV Celebrity Nick Cannon personally presented the winners with prizes including a pair of #Ncredible C.A.N.V.A.S. sneakers. He also had some knowledge to drop on the students, telling them to “always wear clean underwear!”

No seriously, he did give the students some tips on finding success after high school. “What makes the difference between the successful and unsuccessful people is that they keep going.”

To encourage the students to keep succeeding, Capitol One Bank presented the student body with a $1,000 giant check. Now that’s how you rip the runway!