James Harden Visits Bethel with Kendrick And Sway!

Future Forward Challenge

Houston Rockets guard, Team USA gold medal winner, wearer of the iconic "beard" and Get Schooled Ambassador, James Harden, heads to Bethel with Kendrick Lamar, Sway Calloway and Greg Creed!
In the spring of 2013, Get Schooled sponsored a three-month competition to improve high school graduation rates and college ready rates. Students earned points by completing key financial aid forms and engaging in a range of college preparatory activities. The more students in a school got inolved, the better chance the school had to win. 
More than 325 high schools in 14 states competed in the friendly challenge. Up against schools in Houston, LA and New York City, Bethel Regional High School, located in Bethel, Alaska took the victory. 
"We were such a small school, in such a rural area, no one would think we could win," said sophomore student Sonya Tomas. "Our whole school got involved and we were able to pull it off!"
The student council came together to mobilize their peers to participate in the competition, ecouraging their classmates to get excited when thinking about their futures and college. As a result, Bethel's students seized top prize, coming together to achieve a 100 percent participation rate in activities such as Twitter chats with college experts and more than 60 percent of the seniors completed FAFSAs. The national average is roughly 40 percent.
In addition to besting the national FAFSA completion average, more than 83 percent of the graduation class applied to college or vocational school, which is higher than it has ever been for the school. This fall, Bethel graduates will be attending such schools as University of Alaska Fairbanks, Fordham University, North Dakota State University and University of Massachusetts Amherst to name a few.
The students enjoyed a Skype call with hip hop star Kendrick Lamar last spring, and now they will host NBA superstar Harden in their building as a celebrity principal! How excited are the students to see Harden? They took to Twitter to brag about their upcoming visit!
In addition to hang out with Taco Bell CEO Greg Creed and NBA star James Harden, the students just found out a special guest is also on deck -- Kendrick Lamar!  Check out the students' reaction!