Browne Education Campus, Washington, D.C.

We're kicking off the 2013 Celebrity Victory Tour in the nation's capitol at Browne Education Campus! Although they are small in size, they brought the competition and finished on top in their division! This win is well deserved.


Like many schools around the country, Browne E.C. was having issues with attendance. In particular, they struggled with students coming to school consistently throughout the school year. They turned all of that around when they participated in the Get Schooled Fall Attendance Challenge. 

The Fall Attendance Challenge was a friendly competition between more than 200 middle and high schools across the nation. Students logged on to the Get Schooled website to play games, hunt for online resources, recognize their teachers and of course make sure they were in school every day! 
So, how do the students at Browne feel about their victory? Sixth-grader, Leona L. was beyond excited.
"I was excited we were competing and had a chance to see a celebrity in our school," said Leona. "I'm really excited about this event. I want to hear all about the celebrity's life. I'd ask what got them to where they are and how can I get there, too!" 
Tavon S., an eighth-grader and winner of the school's spelling bee competition is also excited about his school coming in first. He admits that school isn't a big deal to all of his friends, but it's major for him.
"I have really good attendance and I'm proud of it," he said. "All of our hard work paid off. We're getting a celebrity at our school!"
We're just as proud of Browne E.C. as the staff and students. Congratulations and enjoy your day with Rocsi Diaz!