Celebrity Visits


Zendaya and Trevor Jackson Hang At SAC High

Sacramento, CA

What did the students at Sacramento Charter High do to earn the celebrity principal double whammy of Zendaya and Trevor Jackson? They took first place in the Fall College Challenge of course! Check out photos from their big day!


The day started with an announcement that Principal Zendaya Coleman was in the building! Belive it or not, Zendaya was nervous when she got on the loudspeaker.

"I've never done this before," she joked with the school front office staff. "You had to be really important to do this at my school. I can't believe I get to make the announcements!"

Once she got over the initial shock, Zendaya welcomed the students and told them how excited she was to hang out with them and celebrate their first-place victory in the Challenge. First up on the agenda was a dance class with a few Sacramento Charter High students. They met with Zendaya and surprise guest Trevor Jackson in the auditorium to learn a quick dance routine to Zendaya's "Replay" and Trevor's "New Thang." The students split into teams to learn and then compete later during the all-school assembly. 

Next it was off to talk to the Fashion Club and the Drama Club students where both Zendaya and Trevor answered students' questions about personal style, acting and breaking into the entertainment industry.

"When you think about being an actor or singer, you have to do it because you love it," Trevor advised the students. "This is not about wanting to be famous. It's about wanting to change people's lives with your gifts. If it's not that, you're doing it for the wrong reasons."

Both Zendaya and Trevor advised the students to learn as much as they could in school and apply that to their future success.

The last stop of the day was the all school assembly where Zendaya and Trevor took questions from the students, performed with the dance, judged the dance contest and took a ton of selfies with the students of SAC high! 

In the midst of all the fun, the students were rewarded for achieving a 95 percent college application rate for their senior clas and of course dominating on the Get Schooled site during the challenge. 

"This victory was a team effort," said Sabrina, a senior and Get Schooled Student Ambassador. "This victory means as a community, if we see an opportunity we should take it."

Fellow Student Ambassador and classmate, Tianna,  agreed. "If you work together as a community, you really can accomplish your goals." 

In addition to earning a celebrity principal for the day, the students at SAC high have $5,000 to spend however they want. Since the challenge was all about college, senior student Chantay wants to to see the money spent on scholarships. 

"I would like to provide scholarships for each grade level," she said. "Everyone should have access to apply for the scholarships because this was a school-wide effort." 

No matter how the staff and students decide to spend their prize money, we're sure it will reinforce their belief that all students should have access to a college education. Congratulations to the staff and students at Sacramento Charter High School!


Tyrese Hangs Out With Locke Students

Locke High School, Oakland, CA

More than 2000 students from  Alain LeRoy Locke College Preparatory Academy came together on the school’s football field for an assembly to celebrate 100 percent of the student body Making the Promise to graduate from high.
MTV VJ, Quddus and DJ Medek from LA’s Power 106 kicked off the celebration, and shortly after students got quite the surprise when the Taco Bell food truck drove onto the field with Fast and Furious star Tyrese Gibson sitting in the front seat!
Tyrese, who graduated from Locke in 1996, reminded students that he came from the same school, neighborhood, and background as them and that none of those factors can or should prevent them from getting an education and being successful.  
After talking to the students he invited everyone to line up for free tacos.  Students spent the remainder of their lunch hanging out, dancing, playing games, and enjoying the rewards of a school-wide commitment to graduating!
We invite all of you to join the students of Locke and also make the promise, commit to trying your best in school, and ultimately prepare yourself for a better future.  If enough of your peers do the same, maybe your school can win a visit from a celebrity too!



It Feels Good To Be Number One

New Era Academy, Baltimore, MD

This time last year, the students of New Era Academy, in Baltimore, MD, were having a good time as regional winners of the 2012 Fall Attendance Challenge. This year, they decided runner-up just would not do. The students and staff worked together to take the top spot!

Scoring 473 out of 500 points, and improving their student attendance rate by more than 3 percent, New Era outpaced more than 149 other schools. Their hard work earned them not only a $5,000 grant to spend however they choose, they hosted Atlantic Records R&B recording artist Trey Songz as a celebrity principal!



So is Trey Songz the coolest principal ever? The students at New Era probably think so!

When Trey Songz surprised the students of New Era Academy they absolutely lost their minds! After sneaking into the building he popped into three different classes, shared encouraging words with the students, greeted each one of them with a handshake or a hug, and posed for several selfies.
Big thanks to our friends at Taco Bell for Teens who funded the school’s grant. In addition to more money for New Era’s students, Taco Bell also provided prizes, giving away hats, tees, and for the highest point generator on getschooled.com, kids with perfect attendance, and overall stellar students, 3 lucky teens had a chance to win brand new PS4s!
DJ Dallas Green and Porkchop of 92 Q FM warmed up the crowd before Trey Songz came out for a Q&A that gave students a chance to learn more about  who Trey Songz is beyond his identity as an acclaimed singer.  He also encouraged the students to get an education, go to college, and not to let anyone detour them from accomplishing their dreams.  Before leaving he even sang a snippet of his latest single, “Na Na”.


Thomas Jefferson Parties All Night

Sioux City, IA

The students at Thomas Jefferson High School know how to enjoy a party. As regional winners in the Fall Attendance Challenge, they enjoyed one awesome night of fun featuring an obstacle course, a dodge ball tournament and the Mr. Thomas Jefferson Pagent!


Here are just a few photos from our awesome day at Thomas Jefferson High! Stay tuned for a full recap of the day. 




LA International's Lunch Time Fun In The Sun

Los Angeles, CA

Teamwork makes the dream work should be the motto of Los Angeles International Charter High School. The students and staff joined forces to take first place in their region for the Fall 2013 College Challenge.



At first, they were a little nervous about the challenge. “It was new for me,” said Ms. Obdulia Moreno, Academic/College Advisor. “ I didn’t know how to have the students buy into it.” But once the ball started rolling, it never stopped!

A big incentive for the school was the $5,000 prize for the regional winner. The school wants to give more to its students by sending them on college visits or providing college prep classes. A fund shortage put those plans on hold. The cash prize was a way to make that happen!

The students banned together and started pushing each other to sign up for Get Schooled and start doing the activities online, such as their favorite games Financial Football and Mind Games. As students pushed themselves up the ranks, the prize came within their reach.

“When we jumped up to number one regionally and second place nationally,” said Ms Obdulia, “and seeing the big gap between the local schools, they felt validated and they felt focused.”

It was sweet victory for Los Angeles International when they found that they won. “Even though we didn’t win nationally,” said Student Ambassador Leslie, senior, “it feels good to know that the students were involved.” “It was amazing because we actually won something,” said Student Ambassador Liz, senior. “We never get a chance to do something like this. It brought our school together in winning.”

Coming out as number one in the region is more than just a win for the school, especially for Ms. Obdulia. “[Victory means] validating that we are on the right track to teaching and prepping the kids about college.”

For the students of LA International Charter we lived it up in true Cali fashion with an outdoor lunch party. DJ Rhythm and some of his friends who’ve been making a name for themselves in the Alhambra area provided the tunes and Get Schooled let them opt out of cafeteria food for the day.

During the lunch party, students showed a lot of love to @getschooled on both Twitter and Instagram. In return we we showed them some love too with prizes and giveaways for the best photos or posts with the #levelstothis tag.

Congrats Los Angeles International Charter High School! We’re excited to see how you will do during the Spring College Challenge!


Justin F. Kimball Knows How To Celebrate A Win

Dallas, TX

Being a champion takes hard work, and as one of the regional winners of the Grad for Más Attendance Challenge, Justin F. Kimball High School of Dallas, Texas proved that they know just what it takes to get to the next level.  
Along with celebrating the school’s win, we had to shout out the student-athletes of Kimball Nation who put forth their effort in the classroom and on the court or field, serving as daily examples that #thereslevelstothis.
"I was delighted to receive the email announcing Kimball as a regional winner of the Get Schooled Graduate for Mas  Attendance Challenge, said Llewellyn Smith, assistant principal. "Our students have really been involved and we are proud of them for this great accomplishment for our school and community.  The staff and students of Kimball Nation are grateful for the opportunity to participate in the Get Schooled Challenge and look forward to competing in the Spring of 2014.  GO KNIGHTS!”
To celebrate their victory, Get Schooled hosted a school-wide pep rally. Kimball students packed the auditorium and the energy in the room was insane! Students and even teachers were dancing, sweating, and partying.
Students had the chance to win t-shirts, notebooks, backpacks, Taco Bell gift cards for showing Get Schooled love on Twitter and Instagram! But we didn't stop there! We wanted to show the students just how important, and rewarding, maintaining good attendance is. Juan Jose Sanchez, who has perfect attendance and the highest GPA in the entire school, was presented with  tickets to a Dallas Mavericks game.  It pays to go to class, study hard, and of course, Get Schooled!
In addition to enjoying a victory pep rally, the students and staff of Justin F. Kimball will also walk away with a cash prize of $5,000. How will they spend it? 
“Ideas for the use of the $5,000 have yet to be discussed. I will assemble a group of students (most likely the ambassadors), and some teachers and brainstorm ideas then move to surveying the school. My initial thoughts include using the money to donate to local charities, purchasing a digital marquee for our school, technology upgrades, etc...” Smith said. 


Manor Excel Celebrates Victory

With a lunch time dance party

Manor Excel Academy (MEA) may be a small school, but it beat out the competition in a big way.  This year the Mavericks came in 19th in the nation and first in the Central Texas high school region of the Grad for Más Fall Attendance Challenge.  
Over the past year MEA has improved its attendance by 5%. To celebrate their win, Taco Bell catered lunch for the whole school and the students spent their lunch hour showing off their best dance moves.Though a bit shy at first, “Wobble Baby,” broke the ice and students and staff showcased a diverse range of dance moves that complimented hip-hop, reggaeton, cumbia, bachata, and top 40 pop tunes.
Though Manor Excel Academy was the honoree of the afternoon, they shared the spotlight with the runner up, Manor High School, making it a community celebration.  Also in attendance were representatives from our partners at E3 Alliance and the Manor Independent School District.  
Kevin Brackemeyer, the district superintendent, described MEA as “a school of opportunity” and  praised the students for their hard work, encouraging them to see their win as an affirmation that they are capable of achieving major accomplishments.


Simon Middle School Champions Rally

Kyle, TX

In many ways Simon Middle School in Kyle, TX, is a true Cinderella story. Just a few years ago, the school had the worst attendance in the Hays Consolidated School District. Under the leadership of principal Matt Pope, things have really turned around. 
"We are defying the odds," he said. "We have 94 percent minority and 88 percent low-income. Everyone expects us to not be a champion." 
After competing in the Grad4Mas Attendance Challenge in partnership with Get Schooled and E3 Alliance, Simon Middle School proved everyone wrong. They took first place in their region and placed 14th nationally! 
"We're excited to win this Challenge," said principal Pope. "We worked hard and emphasized the importance of good attendance habits."
He credits parents, students and staff working together as a team for making a first-place win possible. 
As a reward for their win, Simon Middle was treated to a Champions’ Rally which featured performances by the cheer squad and a visiting school, trivia, grade level challenges and a few words of inspiration from Principal Pope to kick off the new year right. 
In addition to the rally, Simon Middle received a $5,000 grant and tickets to an upcoming University of Texas men's basketball game! How do they plan to spend their winnings? According to assistant principal, Iric Ramos, the school will beef up campus technology, perhaps giving Simon Middle the winning edge in the next challenge! 
Congratulations to all the students, teachers and staff at Simon Middle School!


Transformers: Age of Extinction Co-Producer Visits Durfee

Allegra Clegg schools students on making a blockbuster hit

As the winners of the Detroit Public Schools Attendance Check In Campaign, the entire eighth-grade class at Durfee Elementary-Middle School got an exclusive sneak-peek of the making of Transformers: Age of Extinction, filmed in Detroit.

Allegra Clegg, a key member of the filmmaking team on the first three installments of the Transformers franchise, presented a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Transformers as part of a collaboration with Get Schooled and Paramount Pictures, a unit of Viacom, to help boost attendance across Detroit Public Schools. 
During her visit, Clegg detailed how the city of Detroit was literally transformed to complete the film and engaged the group of roughly 100 students in a discussion about career options in the movie production industry and the importance of attendance on a movie set. The lucky eighth-graders also received replicas of the Transformers hats worn on set by the production crew.
The competition seemed to “transform” the whole school, not just the winning eighth graders. Social Studies teacher Linda Miner says Durfee learned of the challenge from the Board of Education. One of her students named Jawuan picked up the ball, ran with it and encouraged other students to keep showing up. In the end, Durfee blew away the competition in a landslide.
“We are honored that Durfee was selected as the winning school of the Get Schooled Attendance Campaign and even more thrilled that Allegra Clegg was able to visit our school,” said Ricardo Martin, principal of Durfee. “Our students worked extremely hard to win the contest and encouraged one another to attend school daily, as they do all throughout the school year. Attendance is the leading factor to future academic success. A direct correlation exists between higher grade point averages and being on time, ready to learn every day. With a laser focus, we are making perfect attendance the norm at Durfee to impact student achievement.”



Rocsi Drops In for the LA Cash for College Convention

Every year, tens of thousands of students attend the LA Cash for College Convention because it offers workshops and information about college for local students who want to attend college and pursue high wage careers. 

James Harden Visits Bethel with Kendrick And Sway!

Future Forward Challenge

Houston Rockets guard, Team USA gold medal winner, wearer of the iconic "beard" and Get Schooled Ambassador, James Harden, heads to Bethel with Kendrick Lamar, Sway Calloway and Greg Creed!
In the spring of 2013, Get Schooled sponsored a three-month competition to improve high school graduation rates and college ready rates. Students earned points by completing key financial aid forms and engaging in a range of college preparatory activities. The more students in a school got inolved, the better chance the school had to win. 
More than 325 high schools in 14 states competed in the friendly challenge. Up against schools in Houston, LA and New York City, Bethel Regional High School, located in Bethel, Alaska took the victory. 
"We were such a small school, in such a rural area, no one would think we could win," said sophomore student Sonya Tomas. "Our whole school got involved and we were able to pull it off!"
The student council came together to mobilize their peers to participate in the competition, ecouraging their classmates to get excited when thinking about their futures and college. As a result, Bethel's students seized top prize, coming together to achieve a 100 percent participation rate in activities such as Twitter chats with college experts and more than 60 percent of the seniors completed FAFSAs. The national average is roughly 40 percent.
In addition to besting the national FAFSA completion average, more than 83 percent of the graduation class applied to college or vocational school, which is higher than it has ever been for the school. This fall, Bethel graduates will be attending such schools as University of Alaska Fairbanks, Fordham University, North Dakota State University and University of Massachusetts Amherst to name a few.
The students enjoyed a Skype call with hip hop star Kendrick Lamar last spring, and now they will host NBA superstar Harden in their building as a celebrity principal! How excited are the students to see Harden? They took to Twitter to brag about their upcoming visit!
In addition to hang out with Taco Bell CEO Greg Creed and NBA star James Harden, the students just found out a special guest is also on deck -- Kendrick Lamar!  Check out the students' reaction!



East High Gets Turned Up With the Miller Family

Romeo, Cymphonique and Masta P Shut it Down!

Two years in a row, East High School, in Des Moines, Ia., has dominated the Attendance Challenge. The students know the importance of being in school every day, on time, so you know we had to get turned up for the celebration!
To help get the party started, rap mogul, Masta P and his superstar kids Romeo and Cymphonique dropped by East for the last stop on the Get Schooled Celebrity Victory Tour. 
“Coming out here today with my sister and dad to reward the students for a job well done was something that I want to tell the world about,” said Romeo. “My dad taught me that giving back is just as important as receiving.”
Masta P has always been focused on making sure he gives back to his community and that his children take the time to give back and be leaders as well.  That’s why he had no problem taking a break from filming two movies to hang out with the students and staff at East.
The Miller family shared the spotlight with 106 & Park hosts Paigion and Shorty da Prince, while DJ Dallas Green kept the party live with hot beats. They gave out t-shirts, did a live interview on stage, posed for photos with the students, and Cymphonique shut it down with a performance of her latest song!
 “I’m a High School student myself, so I know what it’s like to have to face everything as a student and have to pull out good grades and improve attendance, while still trying to have fun,” Cymphonique told the students. “Anything I can do to help my peers, I’m going to do it.  Thank you Get Schooled for making today happen.”
While the event was taking place, the East High School administration and Get Schooled rewarded students on a job well done during the challenge with an iPad, headphones, and even a cash gift certificate.  The event was all about the students, but having the Miller Family there was an amazing experience for everyone. 


Kendrick Lamar, Celebrity Principal

Mount Pleasant High School

In the midst of his 37-city tour, hip hop artist Kendrick Lamar dropped by Mount Pleasant High School, in Providence, Rhode Island, to serve as their Celebrity Principal for the Day.  

“We’re really excited to have Kendrick at Mount Pleasant,” said Nala Cadet, a senior who won a special one-on-one moment with Kendrick after winning the National Get Schooled T-Shirt contest.  “We NEVER get a celebrity around here and to have Kendrick come to our school is unbelievable.” 
The students weren’t the only ones excited about the visit.  Kendrick was like a kid in a candy store when he hopped on the school’s PA system to announce his arrival.
“I’ve always wanted to do this, and now, I’m going to give the students a treat,” he said before taking to the mic. 
Much to everyone’s surprise, Kendrick spit a few rhymes over the PA for the students and staff. The whole school went wild and everyone was suddenly excited for their classroom visits and the big assembly featuring Kendrick.
“Any time I can make a difference in the lives of students, it matters to me,” said Kendrick. “Knowing that these students earned this event because they took the time to come to school daily and work hard on a daily basis for the attendance challenge is impressive.”
The main event in the school auditorium was an amazing experience for the more than 1,000 students.  DJ Dallas Green spinned the hits as students danced for prizes. The pep rally was hosted by 106 and Park’s very own Paigion and Shorty da Prince.  They kept the place hype until Kendrick took the stage when things really got live.
Students were able to rhyme for him, dance on stage, do the Harlem Shake and ask him a ton of questions. Kendrick even got into the crowd and danced with the students as they were rocking to his tracks!! As the event ended, he wanted to leave them with something special, so he decided to freestyle for the students, and give them a special treat! 
“For me, education is the key to success,” Kendrick told the students. “Without some form of education, you don’t have anything.  Education was always important to me, as my mom made sure that I was always in school.”
It was the perfect message for students who worked so hard to improve their attendance and get actively engaged in making their education the best it can be. Congratulations to all the students and staff at Mount Pleasant High School. 


Kendrick Lamar Skypes With Bethel

Raps with students about education and hip hop


It’s not every day that students get to sit down for a one-on-one with the number one hip hop artist in the game, but that’s exactly what happened at Bethel Regional High School.


As the first place winners of the Future Forward Challenge, the Alaskan school chopped it up with Kendrick Lamar!

“Being able to Skype with the students at Bethel is a great experience,” said Kendrick. “They did so much hard work and having this moment with them is priceless for me and them.”
For three months the students competed against hundreds of other schools across the nation by playing educational games, taking polls, searching for scholarships and submitting great things about their teachers. But it was FAFSA completions that really blew their competition out of the water! According to the US Department of Education, 61% of Bethel seniors completed a FAFSA compared to a 41 percent average for seniors nationwide. Part of their reward was a Skype call with Kendrick Lamar. 
The students were able to ask Kendrick questions about his music and dealing with thousands of fans; take pictures with him online and perform a few of their own rhymes for him. No matter what topics came up during the conversation, Kendrick reminded the students to stay focused on their education.
It was Kendrick’s seventh grade English teacher who motivated him to write poetry and improve his vocabulary, which ultimately led to his success as an artist. After sharing his own story, he encouraged the students to keep up the great work and continue on to college. 
After 45 minutes of Skyping with the students, he rapped two verses of his chart-topping hit “Swimming Pools,” to the students and of course the students joined in! 
“To know that I’m able to have a presence in Alaska and have an impact with the students in Alaska is incredible,” he said. “Today was great! I hope we can do this again with Get Schooled and another school.”



The OMG Girlz Shut It Down At Stony Point!

Round Rock, TX

Their new hit single might be called “Baddie” but the OMG Girlz’s stop at Stony Point High was anything but bad! Find out just how much fun we had with the fly students, teachers and administrators at Stony Point!

This leg on the Get Schooled Celebrity Victory Tour took us to Round Rock, Texas, where we partied hard with the students and teachers of Stony Point.  Stony Point took the national title in the Fall Attendance Challenge with a dramatic 5 percent increase in their attendance! 
VH1’s Amanda Seales and Celebrity DJ, DJ Dallas Green kept the party rocking and the students on their feet dancing. Even a few teachers showed off their moves on stage. But it was Principal Hernandez who shut it down! No one at Stony Point has moves like Mr. Hernandez.  
“This is so much fun!” said Amanda Seales. “Making sure the students are having fun because they earned it.  And the teachers! The teachers let loose today.” 
As part of their prize for winning the Attendance Challenge, Stony Point had the OMG Girlz, made up of Babydoll, Star and Beauty, as their celebrity principal. The Girlz visited class rooms, did one-on-one interviews with a few students and performed during the school wide assembly where the party really got live!
“We travel the country and visit so many schools, but this experience with Get Schooled and Stony Point has been the best experience thus far! Congratulations Stony Point!” said the OMG Girlz. 
It was a perfect end to an exciting challenge for the staff and students at Stony Point. And further proof that working hard always pays off!
“This was a once in a lifetime experience for our students and it was all worth it! Thank you Get Schooled,” said Principal Hernandez. 
On behalf of the Get Schooled family, E3 Alliance, Emmis Communication, Amanda Seales and DJ Dallas Green, we want to congratulate our National Attendance Challenge winners, Stony Point High School! You all did it!!! 
Be sure to check back for the video recap!


Diggy Simmons is in the Building!

New Era Academy

“Diggy is in the building!” That simple loudspeaker announcement changed this normal school day at New Era Academy in Baltimore, MD, into a major celebration.

As division champs in the Get Schooled Fall Attendance Challenge, New Era earned a visit from rising hip hop star Diggy Simmons, son of hip hop legend Rev Run of Run DMC. 
“It’s an incredible thing for me to partner with the Get Schooled,” Diggy said during a little down time. “Using celebrity and the power of people’s influence to get kids to do the things they should be doing to get their education is important. Coming to this school was a no brainer for me.”
During his visit, Diggy sat in on an English class (his all time favorite subject!), visited a 10th grade biology class and took the stage to answer questions from students about the importance of education, showing up for class every day and of course being a member of the class of 2013! 
“Today was special, all of our students loved having Diggy in the building,” said Aisha Watson, counselor at New Era Academy. “They never thought that the Attendance Challenge would help them improve their attendance and earn this special day.” 
You can still enjoy the event even if you weren’t there. Hit up the Instagram photos here and check out the video. And next year, it could be your school so make sure you sign up with Get Schooled now!

Bella Thorne Shakes it Up at Bethune

The Harlem Shake or the Dougie?! Bella Thorne decided to bring both to her visit to Mary McLeod Bethune Middle School’s Get Schooled Victory Tour Stop!! Of course she mixed that in with some classroom visits and a whole lot of fun at Bethune.  


After improving their attendance by more than 2.5% during the Fall Attendance Challenge, the Bethune Mustangs earned Bella Thorne as their celebrity Principal for the day! Bella was excited to be in the building and the students were thrilled! They designed posters for Bella, had questions for Bella and even danced with Bella! 
Bella spoke to the students about the importance of education, attendance, the challenges she faced growing up, and over-emphasized how they can achieve anything that they set their minds to.  
"Being here today was just amazing. It was so exciting! Making sure the kids had fun because they earned it was awesome," said Thorne.
South Central typically receives negative press, but today, Bethune, located in South Central, LA, showed the world how great they are and what they can accomplish!  
Want more? Be sure to check out the video of Bella getting down with the students!


Nat Wolff Drops In At Validus Prep!

Students Enjoy Screening of Admission

For the 400 students at Validus Prep, school was anything but business as usual. The students earned a private screening of the upcoming Focus Features film, Admission and a live Q&A with star Nat Wolff!


Leander High School Brought the House Down!

Leander High School students and teachers know how to rock a party! As part of our Celebrity Victory Tour, we dropped in to celebrate, dance, cheer and make some noise! Check out the great story, photos and video from the days events!


The National Honor Society students at Leander High School knew that with a lot of hard work and creative in-school strategies, they would be able to lead a successful Attendance Challenge at Leander.  
With the great leadership of their Assistant Principal, Leander came out on top as the winner of the Central Texas region for the Get Schooled Attendance Challenge and they earned an amazing Get Schooled Victory Tour event!! 
Who knew that on Friday, February 22nd Leander’s building would be rocking the way it did?  The students knew it, because Leander definitely knows how to win and how to celebrate! 
Leander Cheerleaders, the Leander band, Kelly from 93.3 KGSR, and the 2,000+ students from Leander, had the Get Schooled and Leander Pep Rally Rocking!!! Just when you thought that the event couldn’t get any better, the students and staff got on stage and took part in the Leander Dance off!! 
The students and staff earned tickets to see the University of Texas basketball game, tickets to the Austin Toros basketball game, wristbands to the Austin City Limits Festival, $250 Teacher Heaven gift cards and more than $250 worth of gift certificates to Pok-E-Jo’s BBQ in Austin. 
Leander’s Victory Tour Event was a way for everyone at Leander to let loose and celebrate.  And celebrate is exactly what each person at Leander did on Friday!!! 
Congratulations to Leander High School! Take a look at the great time at Leander!!



Browne Education Campus, Washington, D.C.

We're kicking off the 2013 Celebrity Victory Tour in the nation's capitol at Browne Education Campus! Although they are small in size, they brought the competition and finished on top in their division! This win is well deserved.


Like many schools around the country, Browne E.C. was having issues with attendance. In particular, they struggled with students coming to school consistently throughout the school year. They turned all of that around when they participated in the Get Schooled Fall Attendance Challenge. 

The Fall Attendance Challenge was a friendly competition between more than 200 middle and high schools across the nation. Students logged on to the Get Schooled website to play games, hunt for online resources, recognize their teachers and of course make sure they were in school every day! 
So, how do the students at Browne feel about their victory? Sixth-grader, Leona L. was beyond excited.
"I was excited we were competing and had a chance to see a celebrity in our school," said Leona. "I'm really excited about this event. I want to hear all about the celebrity's life. I'd ask what got them to where they are and how can I get there, too!" 
Tavon S., an eighth-grader and winner of the school's spelling bee competition is also excited about his school coming in first. He admits that school isn't a big deal to all of his friends, but it's major for him.
"I have really good attendance and I'm proud of it," he said. "All of our hard work paid off. We're getting a celebrity at our school!"
We're just as proud of Browne E.C. as the staff and students. Congratulations and enjoy your day with Rocsi Diaz!