I got a college rejection letter, now what?

By Dan Eldridge of CampusExplorer.com

After spending hours agonizing over your college applicaitons, it's hard to endure the few months you have to wait for your coveted acceptance letter. For some students, the envolope they pull from the mailbox will be a paper-thin letter of disappointment. We're talking about the dreaded admissions rejection letter. It starts a little something like this: "We regret to inform you ...." 

While it might seem like it at the time, a college rejection letter is not the end of the world. Did you know Yale University only accepts 1,200 of its 20,000 applicants every year? That's a lot of rejection letters! Before you move into freakout mode, consider these five tips from Campus Exlpore.com to help you deal with your college rejection!
1. Maintain a sense of perspective … and a sense of humor.
It’s natural to feel sorry for yourself after experiencing a major disappointment. If your dream school turns you down, go ahead and have a good cry. (Or treat yourself to a giant ice cream sundae or do anything else that cheers you up when you’re feeling down.)
2. Consider appealing the decision or even reapplying.
If you receive a college rejection letter that you simply do not agree with, you can almost always appeal the school’s decision. You’ll need to include at least some new information about yourself and your accomplishments (academic and otherwise) in the appeal letter.
3. Never forget that attitude is everything.
Let’s say you end up attending a school that wasn’t originally at the very top of your wish list. If that does happen, you’ll need to keep in mind that the attitude you bring with you to college will absolutely make all the difference in the world. Take a bad attitude with you to school, and you simply won’t get what you should out of the college experience.
To get the last two tips, head to Campus Explorer! But before you go, check out our discussion board and tell us what colleges you applied to or plan to apply to!