Super Bowl Stars with Big Educations

Find out where they went and what they studied!

Everyone is gearing up for Super Bowl 47 this weekend in New Orleans and we can't hide our excitement. The San Francisco 49ers will take on the Baltimore Ravens in the biggest football game of the year. To top it all off, Beyonce will be performing the half time show! But the best part is watching players who excelled on the field and in the classroom!

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Name: Ray Lewis
Position: Linebacker
College: Univeristy of Miami/University of Maryland
Degree/Major: Arts and Sciences


Name: Torrey Smith
Position: Wide Receiver
College: Univerisity of Maryland
Degree/Major: Criminal Justice


Name: Ed Reed
Position: Cornerback
College: University of Miami
Degree/Major: Liberal Arts


Name: Joe Flacco
Position: Quarterback
College: University of Delaware
Degree/Major: Accounting




Name: Colin Kaepernick
Position: Quarterback
College: Univeristy of Nevada
Degree/Major: Business


Name: Patrick Willis
Position: Linebacker
College: University of Mississippi
Degree: Criminal Justice


Name: Dashon Goldson
Position: Free Safety
College: University of Washington
Degree/Major: American Ethnic Studies


Name: Joe Staley
Position: Offensive Tackle
College: Central Michigan University
Degree/Major: Business

Being a college athlete isn't easy, but these players made it through  with degrees from great colleges and universities and went on to succeed in the pros! For more information about  being a college athlete check out the NCAA student athlete eligibility requirements

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