Grants and Work Study

This financial aid you don't have to pay back

There are several different ways to access grant dollars or work-study dollars to help you pay for college.  The best part about this financial aid is that you don't have to pay it back!  Of course, the first step in accessing any of these dollars is to fill out the FAFSA!

  • FEDERAL PELL GRANT:  If you qualify (you must be an undergraduate student with very high financial need), you can get up to $5,550 an academic year to help you pay for college.  $5,550 you do not have to pay back!  Check out this page for more information. 
  • FEDERAL SUPPLMENTAL EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITY GRANT:  If you are eligble for the Pell grant and have exceptional financial need, then you may be able to get even a little bit more money - anywhere from $100 - $4,000 - to help you pay for college.  Check out this page for more information. 
  • IRAQ AND AFGHANISTAN SERVICE GRANT:  If you do not meet the need requirements for a Pell Grant, but one of your parents or guardians died as a result of military service in Iraq or Afghanistan after Spetember 11, 2001, you may be eligble for a $5,550 grant.  Check out this site for more information.
  • WORK-STUDY GRANTS:  Work-study grants offer you a part-time job which allows you to earn money that can help you offset the costs of some of your expenses (housing, food, book, etc.).  You will be paid directly by your school and will be paid at least monthly. 
  • SCHOOL-BASED GRANTS:  Your college or university may have grant programs they fund and administer specific to that college.  Contact the financial aid office at your college to find out what grants may be available.