State Financial Aid

Your state may have money for you for college

Almost every state has at least one grant or scholarship available to residents, and many have a long list of student aid programs.  For example, New York State offers the Tuition Assitance Program (TAP) where you may be eliglble for an additional $5,000 to help pay for college.  Texas offers a $1,000 tuition rebate program.   To find out the the financial aid programs may be available to you, click on your state here and get more information.

Remember the first step to accessing those dollars is filling out your FAFSA!  When you submit the FAFSA to the US Department of Education, they forward the information on the form to the state student assistance agency.

And don't forget to watch that calendar!!  Each state has a different deadline. If you submit your FAFSA by March 1, you will be in time for all state deadlines, other than Michigan. If you miss the deadline, you won't be able to receive state aid for the entire academic year.