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Most Common Work-Study Jobs

Last updated September 13, 2021

Most college students need to work at least part-time while they go to school. The federal work-study program is a great way to find work through your school. Before you start looking for work-study jobs at your school, be sure you complete your FAFSA!

Once you’ve worked to get your FAFSA done and are eligible for work-study it is important to know what kinds of jobs you will most likely be offered. Here are the most common work-study jobs and the benefits of each.


Library Assistant

Working in a library might involve data entry, helping students find books and resources, supporting the librarians and checking resources in and out of the library. Since you’ll already be in the library, your work environment will likely be quiet and calming and may even offer you time to read for class. At the end of this job you’ll be able to speak to your organizational and data management skills.

Research Assistant

This kind of job is especially great if you already have chosen a major or want to explore a specific area in more depth. You will most likely be paired with a graduate student and/or professor who are working on a specific course of study. You will help with research, writing, and data entry most likely. You may discover that you really love this subject and decide to explore it further!

Peer Tutor

Are you an expert in any specific subject area? Do you have a great system for studying and staying on top of all your work? Chances are there is a tutoring position available to you! If you’re interested in education, helping other students learn, and want to become great at explaining hard concepts, definitely keep the tutoring center in mind.

Fitness Center Assistant

The fitness center(s) on campus are high-traffic places and always need work-study students at the reception desk, to sanitize machines, and maybe even become a manager for a sports team. If you like the atmosphere of a gym, this position is for you.

Off-Campus Jobs

Your campus career center will likely have partnerships with local non-profits and/or small businesses with positions for work-study students. Definitely ask a career counselor at the career center about what partnerships they have and be sure to share what you’re passionate about exploring.

Have more questions about work-study? Just text "Hello" to 33-55-77 and we'll walk you through how to find a work-study position, how to complete your FAFSA so you can get work-study, and more.

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