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FAQs on College Vaccine Requirements

Last updated April 29, 2021

As more people become eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine, college campuses across the country have started to require it for Fall 2021 attendance. Not every college will require vaccination this Fall, or even this upcoming school year, so it’s important to keep checking back with your college to find out whether or not you’ll need it. Here are 5 important things you need to know about college vaccine requirements for Fall 2021.

Will I need the vaccine to attend college this fall?

It depends on your college’s COVID-19 protocols. Some schools won’t require students to have the vaccine until it’s 100% FDA and CDC approved- right now it’s only authorized for emergency use. Check your college’s website to learn more information about whether or not you’ll need to be vaccinated for the Fall 2021 term.

Where and how do I get the vaccine?

Each state has different eligibility requirements for the vaccine. Head to the CDC’s list of health departments by state and click on your home state, or the state you will be attending college in, to learn more about when you’re eligible to get the vaccine. To find a vaccine site near you, check out your county’s vaccine COVID-19 response page online.

How do I prove that I’ve been vaccinated?

If your college requires that you be vaccinated for the Fall 2021 term, you’ll likely need to get vaccinated before showing up to campus. You’ll receive a proof of vaccination card after your first dose that details which vaccine you got, where you got it, and when you’ll get your second dose (if you get a vaccine that requires two doses). Your second dose will be recorded in a similar way. Regardless of which vaccine you get, you’ll most likely need to submit a copy of your proof of vaccination to your college before starting classes. Check in with your college about their verification requirements by heading to their website or calling their health center.

What if I don’t want or cannot get the vaccine?

Contact your college’s health center to learn more information. Different schools may have different requirements for those who do not want the vaccine or are unable to get it.

When will things return back to normal on my campus?

It depends on which college you’ll be attending. You might have to keep wearing a mask around campus for a while, even if you’re vaccinated. If you’re unsure about what your campus will be like once a majority of staff and students are vaccinated, check your college’s website or call their health center. 

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