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A Proposal to Shift Power Structures for College-Going Youth

Last updated March 3, 2021

Get Schooled's proposal to the Kellogg Foundation's 2030 Racial Equity challenge titled - Leveraging Digital Supports and Community Assets to Improve Educational Outcomes - is summarized here.

Executive Summary - Every year, 7.2M BIPOC high school students don’t secure the information or support they need to pursue college. Our education systems were not designed to support the goals of black and brown youth. The barriers they face to get a degree are persistent, and pernicious. For 10 years, Get Schooled has been addressing these barriers using digital channels to deliver information and support young people need to get to and succeed in college.

We propose using this model of ‘information empowerment’ to shift institutional power structures beginning in one community, and then scaling. Using digital platforms and creative marketing, we’ll help youth navigate biased systems, empowering them with the belief that they belong in college and have support. By 2032, we will see a closing of the degree attainment gap, with communities taking ownership of this goal and building cohorts of home-grown, near-peer role models. 

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