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Important Work & Life Skills

Last updated August 17, 2023

Important Work & Life Skills

The workforce is constantly changing. Jobs and skills that were popular a few years ago are being replaced with new in-demand skills and industries that require workers to get additional training or earn a certificate or credential in a specialized field. Whether you are looking for your first job or trying to get a promotion to level up in your career, here are two important skills you MUST have to to be an awesome employee.


The pandemic has shown us how quickly the job market can change. We’ve seen millions of people have their hours cut at work, get laid off, or worse, permanently lose their jobs. This is where resilience comes in. When things feel like they are at their worst what do you do? How do you react to these challenges? What steps do you take to keep pursuing your goals when life feels too hard and you want to give up? Being able to be resilient and overcome challenges is a critical skill that will help you on the job, during a job search, and in life.

Important Work & Life Skills


Adaptability is a valuable skill in the workplace. Managers appreciate employees who can demonstrate their ability to quickly adapt to changing circumstances, take on new challenges, and step outside of their comfort zone to help support the business or organizational needs while maintaining a positive attitude. Here are a few examples of how to be adaptable at work: (1) Be a team player - there will be times when your manager or coworker will need help with a project or assignment, offer to join them in taking on a bit of extra work in order to move the project forward; (2) Be a problem solver - when challenges arise at work, come up with solutions to the problem along with the potential outcome.

Resilience and adaptability will always be critical skills to have - some may come naturally to you while other skills may take time to build (and that’s okay). 

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