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What to do When You're Tired of Applying to Jobs

Last updated September 23, 2021

Searching for a job can be exhausting. Even if you have the perfect resume and are ready to rock your video interview, you may not hear back from many of the jobs you apply for, which can be discouraging. If you are starting to feel stressed out or overwhelmed with your job search (or thinking about not applying to any jobs anymore), you may be experiencing job search fatigue. Here are a few tips to help you keep moving towards your goals of landing that job when things get tough.

Create a job search plan

Spending several hours everyday applying to jobs can quickly lead to burnout, so be sure to create a job search plan to help you make the most out of your time and set a limit on how long you will job search for the day.

Refresh your resume

Your resume is a critical part of the job application process - it helps employers understand your skills and work experience. Make sure your resume keywords are on point and that your resume is formatted properly so that it’s easy to skim. Here is a free resume template to get you started.

Ask for help

If you are feeling stuck or need motivation, then ask for help! Get Schooled is always here to help. Text “#JOBS” to 33-55-77 to chat with an advisor. Remember to reach out to your network - ask friends, family, or teachers, if they know if any job openings are available.

Start a side hustle

Sometimes we have to create our own opportunities. While you continue to search for jobs, think about ways to earn some extra cash. Here is a list of side hustles you can start today!

Take a break

Seriously. Hustling 24/7 to find a job will eventually lead to exhaustion. If you feel like you need to take a few days off from the job search, then do that. Take a break and jump back into the job search when you feel refreshed.

Be kind to yourself

The job search process is tough. DO NOT BEAT YOURSELF UP for not landing a job as quickly as you want. Finding a job takes time and comes with lots of rejection.

That does not mean you are not qualified for the job, it just means that the job you applied for is not for you, at this particular moment. You are worthy and you are capable. Be kind to yourself and don’t give up. 

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