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Finding A Job In College

Last updated September 7, 2021

Working in college is a great (if stressful) way to help pay for tuition, living expenses, and generally speaking, to keep yourself afloat. It can be tricky to find a job as a college student, though - especially if you’re searching for your first ever job.

The good news is that plenty of employers hire college students, most colleges offer TONS of career resources and connection to job opportunities, and most importantly, you’re reading this guide right now - which means you’re proactive (an essential trait in any job search 😉 

Here’s everything you need know to find a job as a college student:

Start by visiting your college’s career services website

Career services pages (sometimes also called the college’s “Career Center”) generally contain a job board that lists job opportunities available on and/or around campus. This page will also have resources on finding a job in your city/at your college, and directions on how to set up sessions with a career counselor at your college. Rely on this page, and your college’s job board, as much as you can.

Nearly every employer listing jobs on a college’s job-board is seeking college-aged students. These employers know you’re young, they know you’re early in your career. They are seeking a well-written resume + cover letter, and an eagerness to learn and grow.

Get your resume right

When you’re early on in your career, the most important factor in getting employers to give you a shot is your resume. A well-organized, nicely written essay ( even if you don’t have extensive experience, or any at all!) that persuades employers that you’re organized, eager to learn and develop, and have decent soft skills will land you interviews.

Never created a resume before? Check out our guide here. Need to clean up a resume you’ve already created? Check out our informational resume template.

We can also review your resume and offer actionable feedback and suggestions for free right here!

finding a job in college


It’s a misconception that you need to have an established career, or be a social butterfly to tap into your network to find a job opportunity. Start by shooting a professional email, text or DM to friends, RA’s, even your professors if you’re an extroverted type, asking if they know anywhere currently hiring college students.

Create a LinkedIn, join student and alumni groups for your college. Poke around, ask questions, ask for informational interviews, and check out LinkedIn’s job board.

Look for seasonal job opportunities

Seasonal jobs don’t require extensive experience, and employers tend to recruit young people. They’re a great way to quickly land a job and start building professional skills and help build out your resume.

Still need more tips on finding a job in college? Text us by texting “ Hello” to 33-55-77 and our career coaches will guide you through the process!

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