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Last updated February 27, 2021

The following resources are available for free download. Send them to students, share them on social media, or incorporate them into an advising session!

4 Ways to Format Your Study Guide

Walking into to class with a plan can help students reach their full potential. One great resource for success - the perfect study guide! This free document describes four easy ways to format a study guide to create ultimate organization of information. 

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Applying for Scholarships

Scholarships are a great way to pay for college throughout the college journey! Make sure your students know to continuously apply for scholarships as they prepare for their second year. This simple handout provides easy tips for students to help them find scholarships, and ultimately more money, for school!

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Help Your Students Find a Job with JobLaunch

JobLaunch makes it easy for students to find entry-level jobs in their community. Finding a job in college helps a student save money, grow their network, and develop new skills. Share this poster with your network and help students land the perfect job to start their career journey.

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