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Ashley's #WeBelongInCollege Story

Last updated February 28, 2021

At 21, as a young mother, Ashley decided to go to college, wanting to show her daughter that there could be more to their life. Things were going well until she was sentenced to four years in prison for a drunk driving accident. At that point, she lost hope and felt like prison was where she belonged.

A program in the prison became her light, encouraging her that there was a life on the other side for her and it involved college. After she was released, she enrolled in college.

Ashley still experiences many challenges , but she stays fueled by the women she met in prison, and remembering to take life “one day at a time.” She wants to become a social worker, to help others. 

Ashley was a recipient of a $1,000 #WeBelongInCollege Scholarship. Meet the other #WeBelongInCollege Scholarship Winners!

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