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Texas Content Downloads for the Preparing for a Productive Winter Bundle

Last updated May 18, 2022

The following resources are available for free download. Send them to students, share them on social media, or incorporate them into an advising session!


The ApplyTexas application is a great way to apply to almost all Texas colleges and universities in one place. This free checklist will help your students and families stay organized and on track as they work through the ApplyTexas college application.

Thumbnail preview of How to Complete the Apply Texas Application 

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Breaking Down the FAFSA

FAFSA basics, FAFSA checklist, FAFSA help - everything FAFSA and financial aid to help your students with this complicated document.

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FAFSA Filed, Now What?

FAFSA opened on October 1st! We know its important to fill it out as soon as possible to ensure students are eligible for grants, scholarships, and loans to help them pay for college. But what happens after the FAFSA is filed? This simple image helps answer that exact question!

Download button for FAFSA Filed, Now What?

4 Ways to Format Your Study Guide

Walking into to class with a plan can help students reach their full potential. One great resource for success - the perfect study guide! This free document describes four easy ways to format a study guide to create ultimate organization of information. 

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Understanding Student Loans

Paying for college can be overwhelming and stressful, but it doesn't need to be confusing. This clear document clarifies WHERE to get a student loan, the different TYPES of loans, and some helpful advice from Get Schooled.

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Fee Waivers

Your students may qualify for a fee waiver to help them pay for important parts of the college application process - including the actual college application. Many colleges also offer fee waivers for students who just ask! Share this great poster in your room on campus or share it digitally with all your students and families.

Download button for Fee Waivers

Download button for Fee Waivers

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