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Last updated February 28, 2021

Entries are now closed. Any additional entries on the discussion board below will not be counted. The Get Schooled team will be notifying winners this week. Keep an eye on your email! 😃

We received many comments. If you need more info on self-care check out the Get Schooled resources.


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Throw some cookies in the oven and turn up the music, we are officially in the Season of Self-Care! From December 14th until the 18th, Get Schooled has partnered with Atlanta counselor and self-care expert Michelle Goodloe to help you create your own self-care plan and win exciting prizes. With daily giveaways and exciting grand prizes at the end of the week there's never been a better time to prioritize your self-care and mental health.

Here's what to do

  1. Read the text below and answer the prompt on the discussion board.
  2. Follow @getschooled for daily prizes when you participate through Instagram

Creating Your Self-Care Plan in Three Easy Steps

Self-care is so important, not only to take care of your mental health but to also acknowledge your overall well being. But what really is “self-care”? And what type of self-care will work for you? We’ve teamed up with Michelle Goodloe, a counselor in Atlanta and owner of Self Explore, Self Restore, to help you create the perfect self-care plan for your life. By following Michelle’s three easy steps you can start your own self-care practice TODAY!

Step 1: Think of practices that give you peace of mind

Think about what you need to care for yourself to take care of yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, or a combination of the three. What type of activities will help you feel peaceful, relaxed, and happy? If you need some ideas, check out this video by the Get Schooled team on ways we practice self-care. Other things you could try… listen to music by your favorite band, take a quiet bath, or reread one of your favorite books.

Step 2: Create your self-care plan around your needs, schedule, and routines

Self-care isn’t helpful if you feel like you are being forced to work on it. Instead, consider moments in your life when you would like to practice self-care. Maybe this is when you are feeling anger or stress, or it could be immediately after school. By choosing when you want to do a self-care activity will help make it a part of your daily routine.

Step 3: Works towards consistently practicing your self-care plan

You’ve decided which self-care practices you want to do and decided when you will do them, so now what? Practice, practice, practice! Not only does practice make perfect, but by practicing self-care you are giving yourself the space to constantly improve. Maybe you decide you want to listen to a podcast instead of calming music, or you forget to do your activity after school… That’s okay! Remember you are practicing and you can only get better!

Look at that! You’ve officially created your own self-care plan. Looking for more resources on self-care? Check out  Mental Health and Self-Care Resources for TeensCalming Hobbies, or head over to

Prompt: In the discussion board below, share an activity or practice you would like to include in your self-care plan.

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