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Last updated June 25, 2021

If you’re short on work experience or are looking for your first ever job, finding ways to make your resume stand out can be a real challenge. Fortunately, there are many free resources online that can help you develop your digital skills, and even award you certifications you can put on your resume so you can be more competitive when applying for jobs. Building skills or earning a certificate in a career field you’re interested in is a perfect way to maximize your time stuck indoors during this pandemic.

Check out these free-to-low cost skill-building websites!

  • Skill Up Coalition is a free tool to help you explore careers, get the career training you need to enter fields you’re interested in, and get hired. Skill Up has tons of resources in particular for growing industries like technology and healthcare. Jump in, get training and connect with employers that can help launch your career!
  • Depending on where you live, just having a public library card can give you free full access to Linkedin Learning where you can take online courses in many different topics. At your own pace, you can learn graphic design, video editing, excel databases and more! Contact your local library to see about getting access.
  • Google Digital Garage offers you free learning videos and content designed to help you strengthen your skills in business communication, digital marketing and more. An entire course can take as little as one hour, or up to a week.
  • On Coursera you can build skills by taking free courses offered from top universities and leading tech companies. It’s self paced and full of videos, and hands on projects from top instructors in subjects like business, computer science, data science, language learning, & more.
  • Learn to code for free with Codecademy. No matter your experience level, you'll learn how to write real code with the user friendly platform and many exercises. They offer free coding virtual classes in 12 different programming languages including Python, Java, SQL, C++ and more.
  • Google IT Support Professional Certificate is a program to learn the in-demand skills for the field of Information Technology. It helps students get job-ready in 3-6 months. No degree or prior experience required.This program also prepares you for the CompTIA A+ exams which is a nationally recognized certification for IT. There’s a one week free trial, then it is $49 a month, but grants and scholarships (maybe a link for an article that explains what grants n scholarships are) are available to make it all free.
  • Futurelearn is a platform that offers free short 2+ week courses for you to learn in-demand digital skills like social media marketing, web design and more.

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