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AP/IB/Honors Classes Can Help You Prepare for College

Last updated March 1, 2022

As you pick your next class schedule are you thinking about taking harder classes? If your post graduation plans include going to college then AP, IB or Honors classes would be a great way to explore a more rigorous workload. You can think of these advanced classes as stepping stones into college. Here’s how AP/IB/honors classes can help you prepare for college.

More rigorous course load

Acing your normal course load? Up for the challenge of more in-depth course material? Take the quiz, “Are you ready for advanced classes?” to see if you’re ready. Plus, by taking advanced classes you can identify your strengths and weaknesses in a subject. When you’ve identified these areas, you can tackle and improve them before heading off to college where you may dive deeper into that course.

Explore and/or deepen an interest

What are your interests? Are there any subjects that you wish to explore or become more knowledgeable in? It goes without saying that the more interested you are in a subject, the more effort you’ll put into learning and doing well. Also, by taking an advanced class now, before college, you’ll avoid paying a hefty price tag to find out that you may just not like the subject.

ap classes for college prep

Connect advanced classes to majors and careers

Advanced classes are a great way to dip your toes into subjects connected with a major or career. You might confirm that STEM is the way to go (because of your success in AP Calculus for example) or the Liberal arts are more your thing (because of your success in AP Art History). You also have the potential to move ahead in your college degree by scoring well on exams to obtain college credit. Take this quiz on College Board to help identify which AP classes are related to a major or career.

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