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Last updated March 1, 2021

The following resources are available for free download. Send them to students, print them for your classroom, or incorporate them into a lesson plan or counseling session! 

Summer Before College Checklist

Making the final college decision is an exciting time. Download the college checklist below and share it with your students so they can complete the important tasks and be prepared for their first day of college!

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Packing for College Checklist

Packing for college, on or off campus, in state or out of state, is a huge task for students. The list of items seems impossibly long and there's always the fear of forgetting something important. Send this download to your students headed off to college to help them with their packing organization and ultimate college success.

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How to Read Your College Bill

The bill for college can be overwhelming to look at. Use this example statement, outlining each important section, to help students understand this important document. Share this free, downloadable document ot help student understand exactly how much they own and when its due!

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College Packing List! Things to Take to College Freshman Year!

Here's your college packing list. Things to Take to College Freshman Year!

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