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Last updated March 5, 2020

We are excited to introduce our brand new Student Recognition program - our way of rewarding you for your focus and hard work getting to college and finding jobs.

We are kicking off this month and active Get Schooled users (*remember to log in or sign up*) will have the chance to be recognized and win amazing prizes every month! 

Stay active and be on the lookout for our emails 👀 👀 - the next winner could be YOU!

Hear from a few of our winners:

Dailuaine took advantage of Get Schooled's scholarship resources and in return, she received a $10 Amazon gift card! Dailuaine said that "Get Schooled has constantly notified me of various scholarship opportunities through text messages, which I find super beneficial. It motivates me to apply to as many scholarship as possible which perhaps increases my financial support for college."

AnJene, a student participating in our Detroit College Challenge, continuously used our text-line and was awarded with a $10 Starbucks gift card! AnJene had positive words for our website, saying that "it gave me advice about colleges , scholarship opportunities, and helped me learn new things about college that I didn’t know."

Emily logged on to Get Schooled more than 5 times in January and received a $5 Starbucks gift card as a reward. She said that, "The variety of resources have made my life way easier since I wouldn’t have understood the complicated aspects of college prep and success in high school." 

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