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#StudentsPersisting Twitter Chat

Last updated March 26, 2020

What: Getting to and through college is not easy and most students struggle and stumble in their pursuit of a college education. With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, it is even more difficult for students. With school closures and test cancelations, students are unsure of what’s next. As the nation scurries to find answers, we want to ensure students are equipped with resources to cope, continue their educational journeys, and be reminded they are not alone.

Hashtag: #StudentsPersisting

Date: March 26, 2020 at 3pm EST/ 12pm PST

Host: Get Schooled (@GetSchooled) and Personal Statement (@PersonalStatmnt)

Questions: The questions will be asked in the following order with the posting time included. The questions will be asked from the Get Schooled Twitter handle (@GetSchooled) and immediately retweeted by the Personal Statement Twitter handle (@PersonalStatmnt). 

(3:00 pm ET/ 12:00 pm PT): Welcome to the #StudentsPersisting twitter chat! Please introduce yourself! 
(3:03 pm ET/12:03 pm PT) Q1: What are some coping mechanisms you recommend for students during the COVID-19 pandemic? #StudentsPersisting 
(3:12 pm ET/12:12 pm PT) Q2: What programs or organizations are available for students who need access to housing, food, and internet? #StudentsPersisting 
(3:20 pm ET/12:20 pm PT) Q3: For students whose schools are closed or have transitioned to online classes, what resources are available for them to stay on top of their studies? #StudentsPersisting 
(3:28 pm ET/12:28 pm PT) Q4: How can we encourage students to persist when they find themselves unsure of their academic fate? #StudentsPersisting 
(3:35 pm ET/12:35 pm PT) Q5: How should students make decisions about college when campuses are closing and there is so much uncertainty about how financial aid will change during the pandemic? #StudentsPersisting 
(3:42 pm ET/12:42 pm PT) Q6: How can we stay connected with students and share resources with them during this time? #StudentsPersisting
(3:50 pm ET/12:50 pm PT) Q7: Thank you for joining the chat today! Please take this time to share any other piece of advice, words of encouragement, or resources for students. #StudentsPersisting


  • Use the #StudentsPersisting hashtag in your response
  • Use the question number in your response (A1, A2, A3, etc.)
  • We recommend you craft one or two responses per question in advance
  • Photos, graphics or gifs help grab attention – use them as appropriate

Twitter Chat Promotion – Sample Tweets

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  • Join us on 3/26 at 3pm ET to build awareness for student supports and resources to help them cope, continue their educational journeys, and be reminded they are not alone. #StudentsPersisting
  • Participate tomorrow at 3pm ET in the #StudentsPersisting twitter chat w/ @PersonalStatmnt and @GetSchooled!
  • #StudentsPersisting chat today at 3pm ET. We’ll discuss how getting to and through college is now more difficult than ever and build awareness for the resources available to help students succeed during this time.
  • We’re teaming up with @PersonalStatmnt and @Getschooled on 3/26 at 3pm ET to build awareness about how we can tackle the barriers of getting to and through college. Join us! #StudentsPersisting

Questions? Contact Daylee Baker at [email protected] 

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