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Create Your Own #WeBelongInCollege Story

Last updated March 31, 2020

How to Participate:

1. Watch other #WeBelongInCollege stories for inspiration

Check out example #WeBelongInCollege student stories about applying to and persisting through college.

2. Create your own #WeBelongInCollege story

If the video above is not showing,  click here.

  • Tell your story about a time when you struggled and as a result, questioned whether you belonged either while applying to college or when you were in college.
  • Explain how you persisted and managed to overcome your challenge, coming to believe that you DO belong in college.
  • Give advice that will help other students who are facing similar challenges persist and come to believe that they DO belong in college.

Use this Storyboard Outline Worksheet to help you prepare to create your #WeBelongInCollege story

For more information about creating your own #WeBelongInCollege stories, check out our FAQ.

3. Share your #WeBelongInCollege story on social media

Use the hashtag  #WeBelongInCollege and then share your stories with us to earn a $1,000 scholarship!

Need help? Not sure where to start? Text us at 33-55-77!

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FAQ | #WeBelongInCollege Frequently Asked Questions

We hope this will help answer any questions you have about the #WeBelongInCollege campaign.

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