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The Detroit College Challenge Leaderboard

Last updated March 11, 2020

Welcome to the 2019- 2020 Detroit College Challenge! 

The College Challenge is a friendly competition designed to help Detroit-area students and schools with college readiness. Schools can earn:

  • up to 600 points when students LOG IN to and engage with site content  
  • up to 300 points for the percent of seniors completing the FAFSA, and 
  • up to 100 points for the percent of students joining Get Schooled's TEXTLINE

Schools that earn a minimum of 300 points (with at least 100 points from logins), qualify for a cash grant from Get Schooled. Students active in the challenge, find the resources they need and can earn weekly prizes for their engagement. The College Challenge ends on April 3, 2020.

This leaderboard is updated every Monday by 1pm (Detroit time), except for holidays when it will be updated the next business day.

Rank School Name Score (Max 1000)
1 Voyageur College Preparatory 793
2 Cornerstone Health + Technology High School 769
3 John J Pershing High School 612
4 Jalen Rose Leadership Academy 475
5 Hazel Park High School 381
6 Communication and Media Arts HS 308
7 Cesar Chavez High School 307
8 Davis Aerospace High School 303
9 Cass Technical High School 300
10 Frontier International Academy 299
11 Renaissance High School 295
12 University Preparatory Art and Design 275
13 Mumford High School 269
14 Summit Academy North 265
15 Ben Carson High School 263
16 Detroit School of Arts 254
17 Western International High School 227
18 Hope of Detroit Academy 216
19 Martin Luther King Jr/Sr High School 187
20 Cody High School 186
21 Osborn High School 184
22 Romulus High School 182
23 Henry Ford High School 138

*Last updated March 11, 2020

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