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How To Register For Summer School

Last updated January 6, 2020

Taking classes during the summer is a great way to tackle those non-major courses and shorten the number of years you will be in school. You can also retake classes that you may have received a less than favorable or non-passing grade in. Find out if you should retake a class by taking a quiz here.*link to quiz* Now that you've set your mind on summer school, figure out how to register by reading on.

Start by watching this video of Teddy Toro Registering for Summer Sessions at CSUDH. *This video contains dates from 2018, read below for the new dates and more information.

**If the above video is not displaying,  watch the video here .

Important CSUDH summer school dates: 

March 18 – June 2: Registration open for Session I and Regular Session March 18 – July 12: Registration open for Session II

June 3 – July 12: Session I July 13 – August 16: Session II June 3 – August 16: Regular Session

Ways to register for summer school: 

Online: If at any time in the last 2 years you have taken a class at CSUDH, you can register at Phone: 310-243-3741 or 877-464-4557 Mail: Print and complete the registration form at the end the CSUDH – 2019 Sessions PDF In Person: Extended Education Complex, EE 1100

Before you register for summer school:

  • Clear any holds on your account. Go to the Student Center page on MyCSUDH and look under "Hold"
  • Figure out what classes you'd like to take and if they are available. Check out a PDF of the Summer Class Schedule here. You can also request classes by filling out this form.

Tips on selecting summer school classes:

  • Some classes are only available to you, if you are in a specific major.
  • You may have to meet certain requisites/prerequisites before enrolling into a class (for example: Anatomy and Physiology, Physics).
  • If there is a note under "Enrollment Information" saying "Department Consent Required", you will need a Permission Number from the department.
  • Have back up classes just in case you are waitlisted.
  • If you have access to MyCSUDH you can use the instructions on this page to search for classes.

Tuition and fees (as of March 2019):

Tuition and Fees are due at the time of registration. Read about How To Pay For Summer School Classes here to learn about Summer Financial Aid, Installment Payment Plans (IPP) and other payment options.

Undergraduate students pay $297 per unit + ~$141 in fees Graduate students pay $357 per unit + ~$141 in fees *For a full breakdown of tuition and fees go here.

You can pay your summer school fees on My CSUDH, in person, or by mail. Acceptable payment methods are: check, money order, or credit card (Visa, Discover, or Mastercard).

References: CSUDH – Registration Procedures and CSUDH – 2019 Sessions PDF

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