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CSUDH Campus Resources To Help You Save Money Including Free Food

Last updated March 1, 2021

For many students, attending college will include being separated from their primary support systems at home for the first time. Responsibilities like managing a budget, maintaining proper wellness, time management, and navigating life’s unexpected hurdles come into play; on top of trying to be a successful student. It can get overwhelming at times on your own. The good thing is, you don’t have to panic. There are actually several support services available on campus, either free or at a discounted rate, designed to help students navigate through any obstacles they may face while working toward academic success.

At CSUDH, you can always access the following resources anytime you’re in need: 

FREE Food on the ToroLink

You can find free food on campus by logging on to the ToroLink and clicking the ToroLink Events tab. Use the Perks Filter and click on ‘FREE FOOD’.

Toro Pantry

the Toro Pantry is a food assistance program designed to help currently enrolled students at CSUDH. As long as you are a currently enrolled undergraduate or graduate student, you can access the pantry. The Toro Pantry can supply you with supplemental canned foods and basic hygiene products like deodorant, shampoo, and female hygiene products. It’s a quick and easy confidential process. All you have to do is stop by a Toro Pantry location on campus. There are no restrictions as to how many times you can use the Food Pantry services. 

Cal Fresh

Cal Fresh benefits are available for low-income households to purchase food at the grocery store. Most households get more than $200 a month for food. To see if you qualify and to fill out the application, visit

For more resources available at CSUDH, including healthcare services, the women’s resource center, tutoring help, child care, career development, disability assistance, veterans assistance and more, head to the  Support Services portal online.

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