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5 Ways To Earn Extra Cash In College

Last updated April 13, 2021

Going to college and working at the same time isn't impossible. With strong time management skills and a good sense of what it means to prioritize, you can easily earn money while attending college without affecting your academic success.

The first thing to do before making the decision to find a job in college is to think about the following:

  • Realistically, how much time do I have outside of class and studying to commit to a job?
  • Am I capable of working without letting my grades slip?
  • Can I study on the job?
  • Do I have the means to get to and from a job?

If you still want a job after reviewing the questions above, the next step is to actually find one. Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as you think. Here are 5 ways (on campus & off campus) to earn some extra cash while you’re in college!

Work Study

Work-study provides students with employment opportunities on campus to help pay for educational expenses. These jobs could be all over, like in the fitness center, cafeteria, library, student center, etc. Work-study is a great option but here’s the catch— you have to be eligible. In order to qualify for work-study, students need to indicate their interest in a work-study position on their FAFSA. Demonstrating financial need is very important because federal regulations prohibit students from receiving financial aid in excess of their financial need. If you are eligible, the university will send you an Acceptance Letter.


Capitalize on what you do well outside of the academics. Are you the GOAT when it comes to styling or cutting hair? Are you really creative when it comes to decorating graduation caps? Do you know how to make really cool looking posters or flyers? Can you make awesome videos or take amazing pictures? The thing about college is that most students are struggling with financial stability. Students are always looking for cheap and convenient services on campus. Think about the things you can do well that people will pay you for. Start marketing yourself on your social media pages or by word of mouth and you’ll end up running your own side business in no time.

Take on An Internship

Internships allow you to take what you’re learning in the classroom and apply it to practice. Not every internship offers compensation but many do. Find out how to get a paid internship here!

Become a Student Assistant

Student Assistant is a temporary, part-time position reserved for students who are enrolled, at a minimum, half-time with the primary goal of obtaining a degree. These jobs could include helping teachers in their classrooms, working in labs, grounds keeping, secretary work for departments and more. Student Assistant jobs are a bit different from work study in that you don’t have to demonstrate financial need for every position. 

Look for local FFAR jobs

We’ve all been there. Fast food and retail jobs are the most common jobs for college students because they offer the most flexibility, are generally always available and can easily work around your class schedule.


  • Sell your old clothes or old electronics.
  • Participate in market research or studies.
  • Help your neighbors or walk dogs.
  • Monetize your skills: Cut or braid hair, do nails, make flyers, sell crafts on Etsy
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