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What To Expect On Your College Placement Tests

Last updated March 1, 2021

You have probably taken about a gazillion tests since first starting your school career. The good news is you have a ton of test-taking experience and college placement tests are just the next round of tests in your academic future. But don't worry, here’s the scoop on college placement tests!

Why do I have to take a placement test anyway?

One of the best ways to verify mastery of a subject is to pass a test. When it comes to selecting the right math, science, and language classes in college, you will need to take a placement test.

For example, if you are pursuing or considering majors in STEM, you are typically required to take placement tests in math and science. If you are seeking intensive studies in a foreign language, you will typically take placement tests to obtain credit for what you already know in the language.

How does my score affect my education?

College placement tests are used to ensure you’re enrolled in the appropriate level class so you’re able to be successful. It is important to perform well on the placement tests so that you make it into the highest level class you’re able to handle. Why? Because academic programs have suggested schedules to ensure you progress through the program to graduate on time. Testing into advanced classes can mean saving time and money by not taking and paying for easier classes.

Are they free?

Maybe, ask your school’s registration office or placement test center about any fees you will have to pay for the tests. Inquire about a fee waiver and the requirements to obtain one.

Since I have to do this, how do I prepare?

That is a good question and you can find the answer in “Studying for College Placement Tests”. If you have other questions or would like additional help, feel free to text us at 33-55-77.

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