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Making Your Academic Plan

Last updated January 7, 2020

Your four years of college will be some of the best years of your life, but your ultimate goal is to graduate. While you’re making lifelong friends, exploring your interests in clubs and organizations, and even developing your leadership and career skills through professional associations, your ultimate goal is graduation! Creating a solid academic plan will make sure you’re on track to walk across that stage at graduation.

For first-year students

That journey begins at the beginning of the semester with an assignment to one of the three advising houses (University Advising Center, Encounter to Excellence, and Educational Opportunity Program) and a visit to your academic advisor.

“My job as an academic advisor is multifaceted,” said Encounter to Excellence advisor Catherine Jermany. “One of the main things that we do is help students plan their classes from semester to semester. In addition to helping students plan classes we help with career development, getting students involved on campus, and even personal issues.”

make an academic plan

If you thought you would have to figure it all out on your own, think again! With all first-year students being matched to an academic advisor and a peer mentor, transitioning to life as a college student has never been easier.

Meet with your academic advisor

There are a number of things your academic advisor can help you with the first two years of your time at CSU Dominguez Hills. To meet with your advisor, you need to complete a few requirements that include a meeting with your peer mentor and attending a MFA advising workshop. Once those items are done, you will get a link to schedule your first advisor meeting.

Working one semester at a time, your academic advisor will help you set a class schedule that meets the general education requirements needed for you to graduate.

Don't skip your meetings

If you’re feeling tempted to skip out on meeting with your peer mentor and advisor, you might want to rethink that plan.

“There is an advising hold placed on students’ accounts to require them to visit the advisor before they can register for classes,” Jermany informed us.

Making the adjustment to college can be challenging, but you’re never doing it on your own! With the help of your academic advisor, you will build a solid plan to keep you on track as you charge on to graduation. And they will make sure you have tons of fun in the process. After all, college is life! 

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