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President Biden Signs Order To Protect DACA Program Indefinitely! Apply Or Renew Now

Last updated February 27, 2021

DACA recipients and students seeking to apply for and receive DACA protection, rejoice! President Joe Biden signed an executive order shortly after his inauguration explicitly protecting the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. DACA crucially provides undocumented students protection from deportation, a social security number, work authorization, and more. After 4 fraught years of former President Trump repeatedly attempting to revoke DACA, Joe Biden's inauguration and subsequent executive order will protect the DACA program at minimum for another 4 years. 

Here’s how to apply for or renew your DACA:

  • Visit the federal government’s website for DACA application and renewal here.
  • Fill out the requisite forms.
  • It is strongly recommended that if you’re applying for the first time you work with an immigration lawyer
  • If you need low cost immigration legal services, you can find it here

If you need info on how DACA works or what the benefits are of it as a student, check out our financial aid FAQ for undocumented students!

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